The story of Fontcase

A screenshot of Fontcase, a grid of tiles representing fonts, and the logo, a suitcase lined with red felt, and silver letters inside

I used to be a big user of Suitcase on MacOS 9, and I never thought that the default font manager on OSX was that good.

I always dreamed of a "iPhoto for your fonts", and I knew I would call it Fontcase. When I reached a point in my carrier where I was "reputable enough", I started to push this this idea among the developers I know. I pitched the idea to Sophia from Sophiestication, but she was afraid that Apple would come up with a better Font manager soon enough.

I then pitched the idea to Pieter Omvlee, and he immediately liked the idea, which was also a good match with his other designer-focused app called DrawIt. We started building Fontcase together, and finally released the version 1 in 2009.

Fontcase won an Apple design award this year.