I love to build products, and teams.

Hey there, I'm Laurent. Since 2006, I help people do more with their computers. I try to build things that are useful, ethical, and beautiful.

Introducing Volumetrics

Mixed-reality, spatial computing, “the metaverse”; regardless the name, Apple and Meta are coming in hot with new hardware, new app stores, and not-new 30% taxes.

But what about the web? How do we create a thriving ecosystem of apps for those devices?

We started building tools for the next generation of spatial apps. Currently, to build for mixed reality, you need expensive hardware, and to learn Unity or Unreal (those are made for games, not apps). The dev experience is exhaustive: write code on your computer; put on your headset; test; take-off your headset; repeat.

Imagine being anywhere, with just a headset and a bluetooth keyboard, to build your app, on an opensource framework, directly in mixed reality? This is what we are building.

<mosaic-fit> Web Component

<mosaic-fit> is a Web Component that lays out images in a mosaic.


CSS has a set of 148 colors that are named, like SkyBlue or HotPink.

But how do you find the color that is like Moccasin but a bit darker, for a pressed state? (the solution is obviously BurlyWood!)

I couldn't find a tool that shows similar named colors based on a picked color, so I built it, as a side project.

Design tips for beginners

It’s easy for beginner designers to get overwhelmed and lose confidence when creating presentations, landing pages, app mockups, and even cards.

line_color bg_success bg_error bg_neutral text_ink Centered Off-centered

I shared with Smashing Magazine's readers a few simple guidelines and practical tips to help in such situations.

PopStage joins Glue

Excited to announce that PopStage (well, technically With Labs) is joining Glue (well, technically Mystery), through an acquisition of the team, and the intellectual property.

As a remote employee myself, I always found it super challenging to create meaningful connections with people I work with. I'm so excited to get the opportunity to solve some fundamental problems for the future of work.

PopSpace, the virtual space for everybody

An animation of a Popspace room, with people moving around the virtual space.

We just re-released Tilde as open-source on Product Hunt. It is now called PopSpace! You can now host your own virtual space, on your own terms, with total control.

Introducing PopStage

An animation of people on a PopStage call, moving between different layouts and activities.

Bring your workshops to life! PopStage aims to close the gap between online and in-person by adding space and interactivity to your workshops.

PopStage gives your training program the feeling of being in the same room by offering flexible layouts for each activity type: lectures, polls, breakout, whiteboards, and more.

Apple stories

The AirDrop's application icon in the center, with the iMessage icon on the left and the Maps icon on the right.

Some stories behind some of the products I designed while working for Human Interface at Apple.

The story of Fontcase

A screenshot of Fontcase, a grid of tiles representing fonts, and the logo, a suitcase lined with red felt, and silver letters inside

I used to be a big user of Suitcase on MacOS 9, and I never thought that the default font manager on OSX was that good. I always dreamed of a "iPhoto for your fonts", and I knew I would call it Fontcase. Original post on Dribbble

The beginnings of Sketch

A stylized rendering of the original DrawIt window, containing a crystal.

Around 2007, after being fed up using Photoshop for UI, I decided to look around for a better solution. Eventually, I found the website of Pieter Omvlee, who was working, on his own, on a cool software called DrawIt. Original post on Dribbble